Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bonnaroo 2012 Lineup Announced

They released the lineup for Bonnaroo this year, and in my humble opinion it is amazing.  Here you go!

Yeah the headliners are fantastic.  The top four lines are great.  I would go just to see Ben Folds reunite with the five.  Radiohead, RHCP and Phish are a bonus.  Love the Roots and Blackstar, so the hip hop side looks great to me too.  But what I am really excited for is the undercard.  The bands I have never heard of.  I have been listening to the playlist Bonnaroo put out on Spotify, and some of them are surprisingly great.

There are many more bands to be added, so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for Edward Sharpe and Le Loup.  Not holding my breath though.

 I've already started building my "Roo Pile" of stuff I'm taking with me:tent, camp stove, camp shower, sleeping bag, etc.....  I'm so psyched, I don't know if my body can handle this fever for much longer.

Last year, we missed a TON of music because we didn't prepare for the undercard.  We saw the bands we knew, and kind of ignored the ones we didn't.  Time to set up a listening party to familiarize ourselves with those bands.

I have noticed a phenomenon this time of year.  Friends will catch the fever with me and swear they will be going this year.  Month after month, they slowly drop off and think of reasons they can't go.  We have a lot of hopeful campers this year, so hopefully we will have a good showing.


  1. Delta Spirit
    Alabama Shakes
    Moon Taxi

    (not at bonaroo but current favorites worth checking out: korean is asian, the head & the heart, first aid kit)

    check it.

  2. the head and the heart were there last year :). And I am already in love with Moon Taxi!

  3. I wish we could go..that's going to be the time when Josh is taking the board and we will be MOVING!!!


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