Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tree Hugging and Wedding Bells

This is me doing my part for the environment.  Activists say "hug a tree".  I say why stop there?  You ever see a tree get some serious lovin?  Ever?  They have to be lonely!  Even the 12-year cicadas get it on once every 12 years.  Poor old trees are cheated when their seeds fall and have their little germination party on the ground while the lonely trees just stand there and watch.  Poor Trees.

That said, I got this picture from my sister in law Rachel.  Check out her awesome stuff over here!  It is their one-year anniversary coming up this weekend and she was going through her wedding pictures.  This gem is what "popped up".....excuse the play on words....totally unintentional.  In any case, everyone make sure to wish Josh Wright and Rachel Tillery Wright a happy anniversary this week!  Here is a little knowledge about their wedding.

They got married at the beautiful Island of Jekyll.  It was a lovely affair.  We arrived a couple days early and started the "festivities".  These included the things you would imagine a bunch of twenty-somethings to be doing on the week of a wedding at a beach resort.....Bachi Ball!  Oh.....and there was alcohol too :). 

The rehearsal went off without a hitch.....except if I remember correctly, the preacher NOR a wedding planner showed for it.  Rachel did her best to put a smile on as seen left (sorry Rach).  I took this picture by the way, so eat your heart out "professionals".  The weather held out for us and the rehearsal dinner went great as well.  No one got drunk.  I promise mom.  No one.  Scout's honor.

Wedding Day!!!!

Pictures went great......except for the nun.  The damn nun.  Ok, so on the exact same day as Rachel and Josh's wedding, there was....ahem.....another wedding.  But it was far down the beach, so their weirdos didn't mingle with out normal people.  So, we're there taking pictures, right?  So this nun comes up to us....asks us to move....straight face and everything....because their procession was going to walk BEHIND where we were taking pictures.  REALLY?  If she hadn't been a woman of the cloth, Rachel might have tossed her skinny, ruler carrying butt in the ocean.  Man, I wish I had a picture of this woman.  Straight out of poltergeist, she looked like the old dude at the beginning who talks to the little kid and it rains when he walks up.  Remember that guy?  Well, turn it into a woman, and you have a pretty good picture of this person.  I'm rambling....back on track.  Time for the wedding!

 Beautiful wedding.  Rachel looked fantastic and Josh looked ok.  Nothing special.  He's a dude, he knows.  No one is looking at him in this shindig.  Awesome ceremony....something happened though.  Rachel is going to have to help me out...maybe I'll call Josh.  It was something funny.  Be right back......Josh didn't answer, texting Rachel.....crap.  Oh well, maybe I'll put it in tomorrow's post. **EDIT** Heard from them both.  Rachel put the ring on the wrong hand.  Not as big a deal as I remember.  I feel ashamed now.  Oh Well.  KEEP READING!**  It was supposed to rain during the day, but God held that rain back until we got under the tent for the reception.  Awesome reception.  Everyone had a great time.  In fact, I remember someone saying "wow, every person here is having a great time."  Which was true.  The rest of the night is kind of a blur.  Rachel's brother, Ryan, convinced me it was a good idea to keep the tuxes on all night....including trips to the ocean, pool and hot tub.  Here are some pictures of the night.  Enjoy.

 Great night!  No pictures of the hot tub tuxedo unfortunately....ladies, use your imagination :).  All in all it wa a fantastic weekend and we got an AMAZING sister out of it!  Happy Anniversary Josh and Rachel!  

Ok, that's for Josh and Rachel.  Sweet stuff.  Here is something for everyone else.  Thanks to Josh Caldwell and Pa We for this one.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Helplessness Baby Blues

Listening to Fleet Foxes new album and watching the Bulls dominate the Heat.  If the Bulls win, tomorrow will be a fantastic day.  Helplessness Blues, Fleet Foxes new album, is, like the rest of their music, amazing!  I found out today that if you do not feed an infant, they tend to get cranky.  She cries, I feed her.  That is how the relationship is developing.  I love the child, but all I can think is "get a job and get out of my house, freeloader".  When Lindsay gave birth to this bundle of joy, the doctors didn't tell me she was actually a wallet-eating gremlin sent from the underworld to ruin sleep and even the most well-thought out plans. 

I'm kidding of course (Wife reads this).  Isabelle is awesome and is now beginning to crawl.  This means one thing.  If I put her on the ground with a toy and go about my business, chances are high she won't be there when I return.  This is aggravating.  I have a solution!  We have a dog kennel-type fence.  Pictures to come! 

P.S. - No hate mail please.  Isabelle won't be in there for long....unless a good game of black ops erupts.  In which case I can not be held accountable if Lindsay comes home to her daughter eating dog food and drinking from the dog bowl...builds character anyway.  Who among us hasn't tried dog food?? ....... You, sir or madame, are a liar.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bonarroo 2011

I can't wait!  Bonarroo this year is going to be great.  It will be my first time going, but my brother has been a couple times and loved it.  The line-up this year is fantastic as well.  I would have loved to see Dave Matthews of course, the Avett brothers, or a Edward and the Magnetic Zeros in the lineup, but the current one is very very nice.  Eminem, Arcade Fire (hurray!), the Black Keys, Stephen Stills and Neil Young (half of CSNY), My Morning Jacket, Robert Plant, Ray Lamontagne, Mumford and Sons, the Strokes, Iron and Wine, Florence and the Machine, Explosions in the Sky, Atmosphere, Lewis Black, and the Neon Trees will all be there among tons of other bands (these were just my favorites).  The weekend is going to be amazing! 

Here are a few of the bands coming up and my favorite songs of theirs....enjoy.

Arcade Fire - Wake Up

Ray Lamontagne - Hold You in My Arms

Mumford and Sons - Roll Away Your Stone

Florence and the Machine - Dog Days are Over

2 and a half more weeks!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Don't Touch Me

Ok, so I was playing around on YouTube, uploading some videos for our journey through this blog thing together and I found this video.  For those of you who do not know Space Ghost music or Brak, you are in for a treat. 

**Disclaimer**  No one in this video is having a seizure.  We claim to have learned this dancing from reruns of Soul Train.  Thank you Don Cornelius.

This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time

I would like to kick off this thing by formally thanking my brother Josh and his beautiful wife Rachel for the name.  Josh started it all, but Rachel keeps it alive to this day.  Video to come.  The entire time I was creating this bastard, I had all these amazing things I was going to talk about and now.....blank.  Writer's block right off the bat.  I just heard one of my cooks outside the office yell "That's what she said".  Couldn't hear what prompted it, but I cheered the use of it nonetheless. 

I am excited about this blog.  I imagine it being something like a cross between a sports, video games, and cartoons blog.  Maybe with some nudity, violence and cursing.  I don't know....we'll see where the day takes us.  Either way, it's going to be fun and I'm excited.  Maybe the next series posts will have more substance to them, but I am at work.  And as a responsible manager, my conscience won't allow me to continue....gotta find something funny on youtube to end this with first though.

Here you go, enjoy, you're welcome. 

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